• W Y A T T

      S T A R K

      C A L I F O R N I A

    • Name: Wyatt Stark


      Age: 19


      Hometown: Dana Point, Ca


      Residence: Dana Point, Ca


      College: UC - San Diego


      Ethnicity: Caucasian


      Years on Social Media: 7


      Why do you want to be a part of lllsuperlll?


      Learn new things, meet new friends, and be part of an amazing team and new social network!


      SEPTEMBER 1st 2020

      1. Does the APP work and preform consistently while the tester is using it?


      2. How is the quality of the photos and formats of the testers posts.

      As a photographer and videographer, the quality or the photos and videos I upload on the app are unbelievable compared to the compressed photos and videos you would see on other social media platforms

      3. How is the speed of the APP compared to other social media APP’s?

      Compared to other social media apps super high quality photos and videos you see on the app load instant no more waiting for that crazy photo and video you are looking at.

      4. What suggestions could you offer that you feel could make the APP better, more exciting or function better?

      Offer an option to post landscape photos and videos make location suggestions when you go to post.

      5. What features do you think separates IIISuperIII to other specific social media APP’s?

      As a photographer and videographer Super allows me to show off my best work at its best quality which makes me look better as a photographer and videographer