• R A N D Y

      G I L K E R S O N

      C A L I F O R N I A

    • Name: Randy Gilkerson


      Age: 27


      Hometown: San Clemente, Ca


      Current Residence: San Clemente, Ca


      Profession: Sales / Management


      Ethnicity: Caucasian


      Years on Social Media: 15 years


      Why do you want to be a part of lllsuperlll?


      As a traveler and surfer nothing keeps you as connected to people and places all around the world quite like Social Media. Searching out new places and following along on others inspirational journeys acts as my vice for exploring, when travel is not an option


      SEPTEMBER 15th 2020

      1. Does the APP work and preform consistently while the tester is using it?

      Yes, surprisingly consistent.

      2. How is the quality of the photos and formats of the testers posts.

      Seems to get better with every update. As of late the photos or looking as good as it gets.

      3. How is the speed of the APP compared to other social media APP’s?

      The only lag on response time I see is right when you open the app, but from there again it’s been running very consistent.

      4. What suggestions could you offer that you feel could make the APP better, more exciting or function better?

      Honestly I am really satisfied with the app

      5. What features do you think separates IIISuperIII to other specific social media APP’s?

      I love that your photos are full screen and isn’t smothered it’s paid ads. A lot of great content with minimal branding