• Meet our Executive Team at Super

    Why us? Because we did it.

    Pat Hustad | CEO


    Pat spent the last 10 years studying design at Stanford, Full Stack at UC Irvine and Business at UC Berkeley with one goal in mind.....to build SUPER. Pat has also worked with the Founder of Corelogic building Fastfield from $1M ARR - $15M ARR and then Fulcrum from $12M ARR - $25M ARR.

    Brian Helm | CTO


    Brian built the majority of Super's iOS and Android app with his own hands. From concept to MVP and now to live ready to onboard the leagues, brands and athletes then to scale. Prior to SUPER Brian managed the R&D department at Western Digital building out their newest hardware projects.

    Giorgio Gomez | CMO


    Giorgio Gomez has been helping fund Super, connect the platform with beta testers, ambassadors and potential investors. Giorgio has helped us mold Super to be what the people want by getting us the feedback we need while we focused on development.

    Trent Coleman | CBO


    Investor in Cardano, Trent has been working as Chief Blockchain Officer for Super exploring different ways we could build our future on a trusted decentralized database. Although we have not found a viable solution yet we believe the right technology will come and we can be ready for integrations with Web3.

    Lucho Soto | CFO


    Lucho just served as CFO for Supreme and took them from launch to $2 Billion Dollar acquisition.

    He has decided to work with us to make sure all our books are in order and ready for IPO or acquisition in the next 3-5 years.

    Justin Thorton | Advisor


    Justin spent his career as the VP of Wells Fargo and Blackrock. After working with him through our time at UC Berkeley his work was un parallel and he had complete understanding of the vision and mission of our product.

    We continue to work with Justin as a sounding board on a monthly basis to make sure we are on the right trajectory to success.

  • Where we started and where we are headed.


    Built MVP

    for iOS and Android



    Tested MVP

    at UCI and Berkeley



    Soft Launch

    acquired 1800 users with $5k



    Fixed Bugs

    & developed business model




    acquired 1500 users with $5k



    Berkeley Incubator

    Developed launch model



    Raise Capital

    Acquire 3 million users



    Onboard Leagues

    and Brands for Official launch





    $74M a year


  • We are looking to raise $12 Million over the next 2 years to acquire 3 Million users onto Super and work our way to a $300 Million a year revenue.

    First Round : $50,000 Friends and Family

    We are looking to raise $50,000 to restart our Ambassador Program for launch and acquire 15,000 users. We will allocate 75% of the funds to pay micro influencers in our first vertical to build out the community and bring in the brands and leagues into our channels feature. 

    The other 25% of the funds will be allocated to development costs on continuing to add features and fix issues pointed out as we roll out SUPER on iOS and Android.

    Second Round : $500,000 Seed

    As we approach our 15,000 user mark we will begin to raise $500,000 through our Advisors Angel network. The $500,000 will be allocated to continuing to grow the user base on the SUPER platform. 

    We will allocate 75% once again to the same Ambassador program except we will branch into two other verticals. Our goal with this round is to acquire 135,000 users so that we can begin pitching to our partners Denton's Global Law Firm list of Investors once we surpass 100,000 users. Denton's is the 5th largest Law Firm on the planet and we will look to raise $5M.

    Third Round : $12,000,000 Series A

    This round will serve us our first hyper growth round. We plan on acquiring 3.25 Million Users onto SUPER. With a firm base in our top 5 Verticals where we can begin to generate revenue from the brands in the channels feature.

    By this round we will have traction and hype to raise awareness from top VC's in the Valley. This will propel us into Series B $54 M round.

    Fourth Round : $54,000,000 Series B

    We will be looking to raise $54 Million during our Series B raise. This round will get us closer to our goal of target users reached and target brands and companies paying $10/1,000 Impressions in our channels feature.

    $54M will acquire 19,440,000 users onto SUPER with 2 Million users in the first 10 channels every month so the brands in those channels can be paying $10,000 a month. By Series B we will have half the team fully staffed and running everything from sales to customer success to HR, billing, development, technical support, marketing and fundraising.

    Fifth Round : $112,000,000 Series C

    Series C will be our fifth and final round of investment before we IPO or get acquired. The $112,000,000 will allow us to have acquire 40,320,000 users meaning we have filled up our 25 channels with 2 Million Users views a month per channel. 

    The 2 Million views per month per channel allow us to bring in $10,000 per brand per month x 25 brands x 25 channels which equals $75M in revenue a year before we add an additional 25 channels X 25 additional brands per brand which gives us close to $300M a year in revenue which is a small fraction of the $330 Billion a year Digital Marketing Industry.

  • Our Business Model X Channels Feature

    Unlike other big tech social platforms,

    we thought of monetization first!

    25 Channels on SUPER

    Surfing, skating, soccer, football, gaming, music, travel, Gaming, Crypto, etc will be placed in our channels feature.

    25 Brands per Channel

    Paying $10/ 1,000 Impressions is $10,000 a month per brand if 2 million users are watching the channel a month x 25 brands in each channel

    Equals $75 Million ARR

    And then we will double the channels to 50 channels / verticals, Which will grow revenue from $75M a year to $150M a year and finally add another 25 brands to all industries and we will hit our $300M ARR which is our final goal!

  • By the end of this journey this is what we will have accomplished:

    The people win, the industries win and SUPER wins. Everyone wins.

    No negativity, no harassment, no algorithms, no ads. Just real people sharing rad things.

    A better social media experience for you, your friends, your family and your kids.


    Brands get real users, real sales, real competition, real revenue through SUPER.

    The top 50 brands in every vertical don't need to fight with thousands of brands for visibility and sales like they do know on other platforms. A healthier ecosystem for their companies, athletes, artists and leagues.


    Super gets to enjoy a healthy market share of a $330 Billion dollar a year Industry

    While fixing the current issues with social media, social ecommerce in a global market. We get to change the way the world uses social media.

  • Project Summary

    Our business model is very simple. If you can't understand it this will not be a good fit.  All we need to do is fill up the channels with only 2 Million people a month, 25 brands and 25 channels and we generate $75M revenue a year. 


    To give you context. The last company I was with sold for $100M and they were only generating $15M revenue a year.  Super is complete and ready to launch. Now we only need the right partners to get us from launch to acquisition.