2022 Partnership with GOPRO / GOPRO Max  

       (16) colleges in the US and (8) around the world .

      Starting with UC Berkeley. 

      SUPER built a new place to share your 360 Gopro adventures, photos and videos all in one place!


      Ambassador : @masonrosephoto

    • WHAT IS SUPER ?!


      Every generation deserves their own social network, so we built a new social media alternative to Instagram for college students and Generation Z that is fun, healthy and safe.


      One that is free from ads, algorithms, fake users, harassment, privacy issues and too many features.


      We welcome all of you to SUPER!


      No more ads. Just your friends, family, and favorite content .

      Meet awesome people at your school and around the world.

      Share your adventures

      with photos, videos, VR and NFTs.

      Browse our Channels and watch what you love. Realtime.



      Ambassador : @hannasheldon

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      Real people sharing rad posts.

      Our Culture




      Ambassador : @itsjordanlee

    • GOPRO x SUPER Integration


      1. Capture your adventures with GoPro + Max



      2. Upload photos, videos + 360 to your camera roll

      3. Post and share on SUPER !



      Ambassador : @duende



      Official social network for GoPro and Team.



      Ambassador : @_gusday

    • CONTACT : pat@lllsuperlll.com

      Partnerships + Investments

      University of California - Berkeley


      Ambassador : @haleysurfergirl


      University of California - Berkeley

      Cohort 13

      Changing the way the world uses social media.