• G I O R G I O

      G O M E Z

      F L O R I D A | C O L O M B I A

    • Name: Giorgio Gomez


      Age: 24


      Hometown: Jupiter, Florida


      Profession: Olympic Surfer


      Ethnicity: American / Colombian


      Years on Social Media: 12 years


      Why do you want to be a part of lllsuperlll?


      I believe Super is the next big thing in the social media world. Where it would be the great escape from the world and other social media platforms. Where there's no ego, no competition, just a fun way to share photos photos and videos with you have with the other social apps. I'm really excited to see the potential and where this app can go, I really believe that this app will be a huge game changer in the way people use social media.


      SEPTEMBER 1st 2020

      1. Does the APP work and preform consistently while the tester is using it?

      Most of the time it performs very well. Sometimes there’s some loading and speed issues

      2. How is the quality of the photos and formats of the testers posts.

      Quality is as good as it gets! I think just as good or better than the other apps

      3. How is the speed of the APP compared to other social media APP’s?

      It’s quite fast but probably not as fast as the other social media apps

      4. What suggestions could you offer that you feel could make the APP better, more exciting or function better?

      I think having the option of having or taking away views, likes and comments. To where the user has the power to make those decisions in the settings. Also having a verification system where there is no fake or fraud accounts. You have to verify your identity in order to make an account for the safety of other users

      5. What features do you think separates IIISuperIII to other specific social media APP’s?

      The first thing that shows is that SUPER has the full screen viewing that’s a huge game changer. The ability to pause and use the video scrubbing to see the best parts of the video that you’re watching. How crisp and high resolution the videos and photos are on the platform. I love how simple and more easier to use than the other social media apps.