• F O R D

      H U N T I N G T O N

      O R E G O N | U T A H

    • Name: Ford Huntington


      Age: 23


      Hometown: Hood River, OR


      Profession: Just graduated with Bachelor's of Arts from the

      University of Utah


      Ethnicity: Caucasian


      Years on Social Media: 11


      Why do you want to be a part of lllsuperlll?


      I'm psyched to be a part of a new type of social network that leaves complications of other platforms behind. I'm also excited about being part of a team that has so many interesting and unique people.


      SEPTEMBER 1st 2020

      1. Does the APP work and preform consistently while the tester is using it?

      Yes at this point it works very well except for small UI errors from time to time. Each update fixes more of those errors and all of the base functions of the app perform very well.

      2. How is the quality of the photos and formats of the testers posts.

      The quality is fantastic. Great resolutions and smooth interface. The new format of the posts is great, particularly having the caption at the top. I think the minimalist design is very good looking.

      3. How is the speed of the APP compared to other social media APP’s?

      The speed is pretty similar to most other Social media platforms. There is the offhand instance in which certain things like profile tab or activity tab takes a little longer in loading, but for the most part all functions at similar speeds to other social media platforms.

      4. What suggestions could you offer that you feel could make the APP better, more exciting or function better?

      I think stories would be a good function to add in at some point. But as far as base feed interface, I think that everything looks good. The red “views” icon at the bottom of the screen is a little intrusive and looks out of place with the rest of the feed. I think that changing the color to something that fits the rest of the feed a little better.

      5. What features do you think separates IIISuperIII to other specific social media APP’s?

      I think super takes all of the aspects of social media that most people like and isolates them into one app. Doing away with unnecessary clutter and excessive amounts of features makes for a smooth, simple social media experience. Super’s entire interface reminds me of scrolling through stories on Instagram, which is pretty much the only way I view content on Instagram anymore. I think a lot of people hold a similar sentiment.