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    Every generation deserves a new social network.

    And their favorite brands deserves to be seen.

    We welcome all of you to SUPER!


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    A beautifully new designed feed with your friends and families real time posts. We took out the ads, fake accounts and random content. And it's in chronological order.

    We hope you don't mind.

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    Meet awesome people from around the world in the browse tab with your similar interests and hobbies.

    A platform where you can be yourself.

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    Share your adventures and experiences with photos, videos and VR posts. We don't have likes, so you don't need to stress about what you post.

    Just post what makes you SUPER.

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    Browse our channels based off your interests and see your favorite brands, athletes, artists, gamers and creators content in realtime.

    A new social experience.

  • Our mission at SUPER is to provide you 

    w / rad times and good vibes. 



    "We want to change the way the world uses social media. For the better"
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    Izzi Gomez

    Red Bull Athlete

    I feel like social media is lacking a safe place free of judgement where you can just share your art/ work with other rad humans! I feel like super is bringing something new and refreshing to the table and I'm confident that everyone who is apart of it has the same motive, to uplift each other and make social media healthy again !

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    Kani Stewart

    RVCA Athlete

    I really think it is time for a new and improved social media app. Instagram is getting old but we don't wanna change to much and the fact that SUPER is different in its own way I think this app will skyrocket and be one of the most used social media apps.

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    Haley Otto

    Billabong Athlete

    I have a feeling SUPER is going to blow up and become the newest and best platform of social media. Social media is continually growing and evolving I believe super is the next big thing!

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    Giorgio Gomez

    Olympic Games Athlete (Colombia)

    I believe Super is the next big thing in the social media world. Where it would be the great escape from the world and other social media platforms. Where there's no ego, no competition, just a fun way to share photos and videos. I'm really excited to see the potential and where this app can go, I really believe that this app will be a huge game changer in the way people use social media.

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    Shama Beckford

    Hurley Athlete

    Super is an awesome new platform to explore and meet new people and also showcase your lifestyle, the layout of the app is new and refreshing. I am looking forward in watching the SUPER family grow!

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    Eva Woodland

    Olympic Athlete ( Costa RIca)

    Super is a new way to have a wholesome platform on social media without all of the loudness, mess, and negativity that crowd other platforms which is something very important for upcoming generations.

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    Griffin Leone

    Professional Surfer

    SUPER is focused on providing superior content in a user friendly, quality focused environment which is currently a void in the social media space. It really focuses on both the content creator and viewer pleasure which resonates with me!

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    Why are we competing for likes?

    It doesn't matter.

    Share and archive your experiences for yourself!


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    University of California - Berkeley

    Cohort 13

    Changing the way the world uses social media.